Things I Think When My Phone Rings

Once upon a time ago, I lived for my home phone. Now, I fear it. But that said, I have the world's cutest phone, so I think we are working our way back to each other, slowly, but surely.
  1. Look how darling it is!
  2. Oh no, did someone die?
  3. How rude, just text my cell.
  4. I'm in trouble.
    With whom? I'm not sure. Just I always jump like I did something bad.
  5. They found me!
    Who is they? I have no answer for this.
  6. How does anyone even have this number?
  7. Oh crap, leave me alone.
  8. Run away! (Said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail voice.)
  9. By this point it usually has stopped ringing.
  10. The end.