Why You Should Spend Your Weekend Watching the Tv Show "Flesh and Bone"

It's SHOWGIRLS meets BLACK SWAN. That's what the @nytimes wrote, anyway, and they know stuff about things. IMHO, it's a deliciously dark, stunning, sexual, and sometimes scene-chewing show, set in the NYC ballet world, and I LOVE IT. Will you adore it as much as I do? A few questions to help you figure that out, below.
  1. Did you like CENTER STAGE?
    If you are in your 30s like me, you probably remember this ballet movie fondly from your youth. Two of the main dudes from the movie are involved in this show: Charlie (a.k.a. Sascha Radetsky is one of the dancers) and Cooper (the great dancer Ethan Stiefel does the choreography)!
  2. Did you like BREAKING BAD?
    Well Moira Walley-Beckett (one of the writers and producers of BREAKING BAD, who won an EMMY for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series last year for the episode "Ozymandias," making her the first solo woman to win that award in 20 years) is the creator and executive producer of FLESH AND BONE.
  3. Do you like STRIP CLUBS SCENES?
    They've got plenty! And they're well done in a SCORES CIRCA THE EARLY 00s/CRAZY HORSE IN PARIS sort of way. Hot.
  4. Do you like watching CRAZY FLEXIBLE people who are attractive and dressed skimpily DANCE BEAUTIFULLY?
    Then you'll die for all the choreographed scenes, of which there are many. Unlike most shows/movies about ballet, this one spends a LOT of time showing actual, glorious, gorgeous, sweaty, transformative DANCE.
  5. Do you have MASOCHISTIC or SADISTIC tendencies?
    I ask this with love! And no judgement...none at all. Well, there's lots of physical punishment/pain in this show, especially around feet/toenails, shot in a very gorgeous way!
  6. Do you like OVER-THE-TOP secondary and tertiary characters?*
    From the drug-loving Ukrainian prima ballerina to the brutal barbs of the bitterly sarcastic and occasionally quite campy British artistic director (who had all the BEST lines) to the tattooed, tough-on-the-outside striving soloist, everyone is INSANELY entertaining. *or whatever they're called in TV
  7. Do you like weird PSYCHOSEXUAL dramaz, especially when it gets super dark and, perhaps, familial?
    Yikes! This show's got it!
  8. Do you like spot-on costumes that never look like COSTUMES, just perfectly appropriate clothes for the real world, but BETTER?
    Well guess what? Costume designer Tom Broecker (who I think is an unsung genius) did the wardrobe for the show, and it just FEEEEEEEELS right. You probably also know his work from 30 ROCK, HOUSE OF CARDS, and SNL...
  9. Do you like KAREN O.? What about the classic '80s song "Obsession" by ANIMOTION?
    Of course you do...you're not an animal! And because of that, you're going to love—LOVE—the theme song, which is Karen O. covering, er, that cover, and it is dope.
  10. Do you like RUSSIAN ACCENTS, especially when they might belong to mobsters?
    Well fret not because there are dropped articles, gravelly Bond-villain voices, and thinly veiled violent tendencies galore.
  11. If you answered YES to any of these questions, please watch the first episode of FLESH AND BONE.
  12. OH AND P.S.: All of the dancers are ACTUAL DANCERS.
    No shade to Zoe Saldana, who was delish in CENTER STAGE, but all of these folks are actual DANCERS, as well as actresses and actors too.
  13. And P.P.S.: No, I don't work for the show or the network or with anyone involved in the show, nor do I know anyone who does.
    I just like it, that's all.