To be continued...
  1. Cute (usually good, sometimes used in a reductive way)
  2. Gorg (meaning: gorgeous, sadly not a homophone for the verb)
  3. Dying (as in: from joy)
  4. FROW (annoying-but-fun acronym for "front row")
  5. Alphet (as in: outfit)
  6. Ensemble (as in: outfit)
  7. Look (as in: outfit)
  8. Situation (as in: outfit. Ex: "I love that fringed situation at Burberry.")
  9. Effortless (but never actually is)
  10. Festive (always meant as a negative)
  11. Cobalt (nothing is "blue," it's a specific shade of blue)
  12. Beyond (as in: very good)
  13. Insane (as in: very good)
  14. Clean (as in: minimal, no distressing/detailing, often referring to denim)
  15. Denim (as in: the less pedestrian version of "jeans")
  16. xx (in emails)
    Suggested by @madeline