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Mais oui ce sont elles ce que j'aime la plus
  1. Françoise Hardy
  2. France Gall
  3. Gillian Hills
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Quotes I use daily and gifs to go with them
  1. "Super stud Sam, go for super stud!"
  2. "I'm sorry Steve Austin I can't marry you"
  3. "I'm a Norseman in a chorus line!"
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  1. New Year's Eve 2011
    I don't need to explain this one.
  2. New Year's Eve 2013
    Despite Robert throwing a glass bottle and you drunkenly hitting on some weirdo, I was the most despised.
  3. A few days later in London
    He CLEARLY just wanted to see you but that night you were a package deal. At least I bought him beer.
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  1. When we went to the movies
  2. When we were on the street in front of grays papaya
  3. When I introduced him to you before you started Calhoun
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  1. 1.
    La Colombe, shaw
  2. 2.
    La Colombe, Chinatown
  3. 3.
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