This is a series of lists from the "about page" of my personal website/blog when I was 23. It was 2002. I was post-college, living at home in Grand Rapids MI, obsessively watching Buffy in syndication, building fan sites and waiting to move to Chicago to start graduate school. This was how I defined myself. No editing.
  1. prof. winters (math dept. @ u of m)
  2. the sound of tape guns working in unison
  3. chinchops
  4. pretension
  5. "home improvement"
  6. acne
  7. hazelnut
  8. clowns
  9. accepting ignorance
  10. that i love britney
  11. onions
  12. bandwagons
  13. when there're no scenes at the end of dawson's
  14. email forwards
  15. close-mindedness
  16. new-wave country music
  17. exercise
  18. john-boy walton
  19. "lady in red"
  20. dmb
  21. honors math
  22. ah-nold
  23. skorts
  24. instigators
  25. when guys i don't know dance with me at bars
  26. ventriloquist dummies
  27. tom green
  28. cat puke
  29. cheaters
  30. the dad from "silver spoons"/john ritter (they seem like the same guy to me)
  31. barenaked ladies
  32. drinking too much
  33. that my mom loves keanu
  34. willow being gay
  35. 1-800-call-att commercials
  36. circuses
  37. friends who steal boyfriends
  38. creed
  39. processed meats
  40. sandra bullock
  41. mean people
  42. tinted windows
  43. fake christmas trees
  44. cream sauces
  45. that the brilliance of "my so-called life" and "freaks and geeks" went unrecognized
  46. women's magazines (minus jane)
  47. the importance of being thin in our culture
  48. white chocolate (not really, i just said that for melissa)