This is a series of lists from the "about page" of my personal website/blog when I was 23. It was 2002. I was post-college, living at home in Grand Rapids MI, obsessively watching Buffy in syndication, building fan sites and waiting to move to Chicago to start graduate school. This was how I defined myself. No editing.
  1. arrogance
  2. not thinking outside oneself
  3. doing things to be cool
  4. republicans
  5. being generic
  6. all of the guys on dating gameshows
  7. tanning
  8. shaving or waxing oneself
  9. not knowing what you want (i don't mean for your life, just small things--indecisiveness)
  10. bad dressers
  11. really guy-guys & really girly-guys
  12. cheesy magazines in the bathroom
  13. vanity
  14. really bad taste in music (like creed or bnl)
  15. suaveness