1. A combo of two of my favorite things: margaritas and mini stuff. This is a margarita in a hollowed out lime with a small straw. These were passed around at my cousin's wedding cocktail hour a few weeks ago and I loved them.
  2. My cousin Ellis and me outside a retro candy store in Memphis. Not sure why the candy corn made it into the selfie but I love it.
  3. Some real cool Memphis themed art in my apartment. The top one is of Gibson's Donuts (open 24 hours and simply the best ever). The bottom one is the bridge connecting TN to AR over the MS river with the Memphis area code. Made by a local Memphis artist!
  4. Amy Schumer from afar. I saw her, along with Judd Apatow, Vanessa Bayer and other Trainwreck stars and comedians on tour this past summer. One of the funniest nights of my life.
  5. My mom and my dog, Duke, sharing an apple. My dad in the background watching TV.