Disclaimer: all food was accompanied by friends and sharing.
  1. Sonsie
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    Lunch the first day I got here. Got a spinach, ricotta, feta and garlic pizza.
  2. Sunset Cantina
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    Late night snack. Got THE BEST NACHOS IN THE WORLD.
  3. The Friendly Toast
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    Brunch. I got an egg and cheese biscuit. Also shared a blueberry pancake and fries with my friends.
  4. Myers and Chang
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    Best meal of the weekend by far. My friends and I got a lot of stuff and split it. Included: sweet and sour Brussels sprouts, spring rolls, chicken and waffles, beef and broccoli noodles, edamame dumplings and the best cocktail I've ever had: a blood orange margarita with sriracha salt on the rim.
  5. T. Anthony's
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    The late nite Mecca at BU. Cheese slice and shared mozz sticks. Unreal.
  6. Sweet Cheeks Q
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    The BEST barbecue outside of Memphis, and I stand by that. We got a bucket of biscuits to share and then I got some pulled chicken, Mac and cheese and a Brussels sprouts salad.
  7. La Dolce Vita
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    All Italian food in the North End is good, but my friend has a particular love for this place so we went here. I got gnocchi and it rocked.
  8. Anna's Taqueria
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    The last meal. Can't leave Boston without it. Got a burrito and it was heavenly.