I'm not entirely sure what I wanted to be when I was in preschool/early elementary school aside from probably a princess or professional tennis player, so I'll start in 4th grade.
  1. Meteorologist (4th grade - 8th grade)
    I used to be PETRIFIED of thunderstorms. Growing up in Memphis, it stormed a lot and I had a legitimate fear. This was to the point that I wouldn't go to school, go to friends houses, etc. I would be glued to the weather channel. One day I got to go to the local news station and hang with the weather man who explained to me the logistics of a tornado and how the probability of it hitting my house was very low. After this day I wanted to be a meteorologist. I did the weather on the announcements.
  2. Forensic pathologist (8th grade - 11th grade)
    I have a huge fascination with crime and serial killers. I also used to constantly watch the Investigation Discovery channel and those shows where they do autopsies on dead people to find out how they died. I loved Forensic Files. I desperately wanted to be the person in the morgue or the person analyzing every print to find the killer.
  3. Journalist (11th grade - sophomore year of college)
    I have also always loved the news and current events. I thought I could be a good writer so when I got to Boston University I set out to be a journalism major. And then I had the worst, most condescending professor who basically told me I didn't have the talent (like Mitchum Huntzberger told Rory in that one episode) and I dropped journalism cold turkey and switched it up.
  4. Criminal Defense Attorney (sophomore year of college - present (23 years old))
    Law school is the biggest challenge I have faced yet. I have never studied harder or learned more. I want to be a defense lawyer because there are so many people out there who don't know what their rights are and deserve representation when nobody else will help them.