Requested by @maribot...thanks! This was a fun idea.
  1. How to Get Away With Murder is one of the worst. One of my favorite shows, but terrible representation of law school.
  2. We don't have to stand up to answer questions in class
  3. (At least at my school), nobody dresses like that to go to class
    On a good day, I wear jeans and a sweater...
  4. Also, we obviously don't help our professor cover up murder after murder and also do super unethical things for every case.
  5. The law and order shows also don't portray the justice system very realistically
  6. They make it seem like whenever a client is being interrogated and they say "I want a lawyer," that the lawyer just shows up immediatelh
  7. This is far from the case - sometimes it takes a very long time
  8. ***SIDE NOTE - for a really good look at the terrible public defender system, watch the segment John Oliver did on public defenders. YouTube it. It's worth the 15 minutes of your time***