1. So, every winter, law schools all over have what's called a Barrister's Ball. Think law school prom. Open bar, music, dressing up.
  2. On Monday, people found out that the Student Bar Association (SBA...like student council) decided to have the event at Trump Tower. This is one of the largest buildings in Chicago
  3. I'm sure that whoever booked the place just thought it was a great room in a nice building with an awesome view (which it is)
  4. She didn't think of the repercussions.
  5. So, of course a lot of people were offended by this choice and didn't want to support Trump by buying tickets, which I get.
  6. Lots of Facebook posts happened expressing frustration with the administration, etc.
  7. So yesterday, the Dean sends an email saying that they cancelled the Trump contract and will find another location.
  8. Allegedly, the school walked away from a $15k deposit, which people aren't happy about because this is our tuition money.
  9. So now there is frustration and annoyance from the other side of the argument.
  10. A few Facebook statuses requesting people to email the Dean about the money and how the school should not have backed down
  11. Finally, late last night, I got an email asking me to "Don-ate" to the Barrister's Ball fund because the school has no money now that they lost $15k
  12. At first, I disregarded it. But then after I looked back, I realized it was a complete joke. All of the recipients emails weren't hidden like they usually are when we get a school email. Also the whole "Don-ate" thing....
  13. So that's what has happened so far, but I expect that this situation is not over