1. Ziggy - The Wire
    He is just SO ANNOYING. Also he just screws everything up, basically. Yes, I see where people might feel bad for him. However, I just didn't. If he wasn't in the show and it was just the other Sobotka's, I would enjoy the show way more for sure.
  2. Add yours! Everyone hates someone on a show they love the most!
  3. Agree w you on Ziggy but I fucking HATED Carver with a passion 😡
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  4. Ana Lucia Cortez- Lost
    ANA LUCIA RUINED MY LIFE. She deserves nothing but the worst. There is nothing even remotely likeable about this woman.
    Suggested by   @vmacies
  5. April Nardini - Gilmore Girls
    So Luke and Lorelai are finally together and everything is super awesome, and then it turns out Luke has a daughter?! Did Luke really seem like the kind of character who wouldn't know they had a kid? NO! April Nardini is the reason Gilmore girls was cancelled, she is the WORST!!! (I will never forgive her for existing)
    Suggested by   @daisy
  6. Felicity Smoak - Arrow
    Originally a bright spot among cast, she was pigeonholed as a whiny girlfriend. I can't stand her presence onscreen anymore. Writers: you have failed this character.
    Suggested by   @TheSteve
  7. Rebecca Howe from Cheers started off as a suitable replacement for Diane until we quickly learned she cries ALL THE TIME AND IT'S SO ANNOYING.
    Suggested by   @angelacroz
  8. Nadine Hurley from Twin Peaks
    Just the worst. So shrill and fucking annoying. Plus her subplots were all unnecessary to the story and stupid. I cringe whenever she's on screen, but that hasn't stopped me from re-watching the show five times
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  9. Julie from Friday Night Lights
    I have no clue where other people fall on this, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say: EH. The college nonsense is unbearable. Why is she incapable of existing without a man? Blonde, and lame, and meh all over.
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  10. Control - Person of Interest
    Evil, sadistic, and pretends to be the wife of a forgetful old man, consequently breaking his heart. Oh and she's in charge of a computer program that almost destroys the whole country.
    Suggested by   @AliciaNF26
  11. Mandy - The West Wing
    Thankfully it was only for a season. Every time she opened her mouth, all I heard was "toe pick."
    Suggested by   @loriatx
  12. Titus - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Titus drives me crazy and literally gives me anxiety! I can't forgive him for tricking Kimmy into giving him money in the first episode and mooching off of her for the whole show. He's so self centered, obnoxious, and gets into the worst situations...i hate everything he stands for.
    Suggested by   @dubstep