I get my nails done by one BAMF at Charming Nail in Bed Stuy. These are things we talk about.
  1. How hungry she is...
    This comes up a couple of times over the course of the mani pedi. I tell her she should eat, but then she just normally gets someone to get her a Diet Coke.
  2. Where are my friends today?
    If I don't come in with a boo, she's worried about their well being. Apparently if a boo comes in without me, she tells them to give me shit though, so we are even.
  3. How annoying her boyfriend is..
    Her man lives down the block from her and is always tryin to get up in her shit. She needs her space. He always texts her sweet nothings on his break from work (works in a restaurant in Union Square)- and she gives major eye rolls. I'm pretty sure she loves all of it though.
  4. That she wants tequila.
    Don't we all.
  5. The New York Times article about the exploitation of nail salon employees in the U.S.
    I brought this up gingerly- and she was all like "GIRL YAS it is so true." I asked if James treated her poorly (that's the man boss) - and she's like "duh I'm hungry and tired and get like no money." I also must point out that Erica is one of two non-Chinese gals that work for James (who's also Chinese); she's from Nepal. If it weren't for her crazy following, she'd probably be left out a lot. Though I think her idea of fairer working conditions would be ones with a free buffet and tequila bar.
  6. If we want to add some glitter...
    Homegirl knows I don't do glitter. Now I think she just asks to fuck with me.
  7. How I got whatever mystery bruise on my thigh, shin, knee...
    She just wants me to talk about my sex life.
  8. Why my back is so tense, when I'm getting a chair massage...
    She just wants me to talk about my sex life.
  9. My sex life.
    Then we both talk about how all the men in our lives are annoying us, and she invites me to some big gay rave in Jackson Heights.