Ranked by love, not by frequency of use.
  1. Instagram
    Leisure. I really love this photo album I can take with me.
  2. Facebook
    Leisure. Still the most efficient way to keep up with acquaintances and catch up on news and gossip.
  3. List App
    Leisure. New, fresh, and while photos are encouraged, feels like a place where thoughts are most valued. Great for comedy, fun facts, and interesting reads.
  4. My Fitness Pal
    Productivity. Great app to help maintain a healthy diet. More than a calorie counter - helps balance nutrition, plan meals, and keep recipes.
  5. Money Monitor
    Productivity. Create budgets, monitor spending, and keep an eye on your accounts. Requires diligence!
  6. IMDB
    Leisure. Keep an eye on release dates and view trailers. Eating a movie after watching offers me a sense of closure.
  7. Happy Scale
    Productivity. Keep an eye on your waistline with this friendly graph. It predicts your weight loss trajectory, and if you've gained, basically lies to you.
  8. Goodreads
    Leisure. Find new books, monitor release dates, keep an eye on favorite authors, and rare books you've read. Extremely comprehensive database.
  9. Runtastic
    Productivity. Monitor your exercise! Best feature: mapping your walks.
  10. Pinterest
    Leisure. Excellent time-killer. It's like a personalized magazine.
  11. Next Issue
    Leisure. Hundreds of magazines at my fingertips! Worth the monthly subscription just for Cosmo and Women's Health.