Tv Shows I'm Into - Fall 2015

  1. Scandal
    After a couple less than exciting seasons, it's back to being season-one good!
  2. Quantico
    Only three episodes in but the twists, suspense, and mystery have me hooked.
  3. Gilmore Girls
    The weather is colder, the leaves are falling and I just want to cozy up with a tried and true, comfortable, old favourite on Netflix.
  4. The Big Bang Theory
    I find every sitcom is it's very best in seasons 9 plus. (Aside: Friends season 9 and 10 were my absolute favourite.)
  5. Botched
    Hello guilty pleasure TV. How many times can you see Debrow and Nassif fix a nose or a set of funky boobs? Countless times.
  6. The Voice
    Usually I watch the blinds and I'm done for the season, but this year I have contestants to root for! So many deserving voices.
  7. Million Dollar Critic
    Yes, I'm pretty sure there are only repeats for me to watch on OWN but I love Giles' ruthless opinions. I bet he's a riot to talk to at parties.
  8. * The Walking Dead
    Only sort of excited to get started on this season. The premiere has been sitting on my PVR for four days so far.
  9. * The Mindy Project
    I'm very excited about season three but it doesn't premiere here in Canada until November 5. I've been spoiled every week by Mindy's Instagram.
  10. * Game of Thrones
    Yeah, yeah. I'm late to the party, but I'm finally in season four!