@mlb is my Secret Santa, and is the best kind of stalker! 😀
  1. I only opened my parcel today,
    although it looks like it actually arrived before Christmas. Maggie, I hope you hadn't given up on me. I couldn't quite bring myself to announce my vacation plans after sending out my address-- you know, just in case you turned out to be the other kind of stalker. 😯
  2. There's a sweet note.
    Maggie's deduction skills are right on target. I teach middle school art. I love hearing about art teachers whose influence is remembered. Thank you.
  3. A treat from North Carolina
    Toffee is my favorite! I spent many childhood summer vacations in NC, so this is so special to me.
  4. ALL the colors!
    I get the feeling you already know how much new colors make my heart sing!
  5. Not just adult coloring books (which are great,) but art-themed coloring books!
    You really are a super-stalker-- you chose my two favorite periods of art! 🎨
  6. Thank you, Maggie @mlb! You truly are the QUEEN OF GIFT-GIVING! Thank you, Chris @ChrisK ! I believe you are the real Santa!
    My mama always says that what you do the first day of the New Year is what you'll do all year long. I'm going to color, create, and make more lists. Happy New Year, All! 🎉💝🎉