Okay, so everyone reads the news and knows that teachers are being dumped on all the time, but that's a completely different list (or not.) This one is about why we keep teaching--or at least why I do.
  1. The everyday love from the hundreds of students I see.
    I should say that I teach middle school art in a poor district, so I teach 197 (today's count-subject to change daily) students a day.
  2. Keeping in touch with past students on social media, who still want to share their thoughts, challenges, and good news with me.
    Facebook as the choice for this oldster, Instagram and snapchat for the younger ones. I never would have used any of it but for invitations from my students.
  3. About 10 years ago, I initiated an annual art auction of student and staff work, proceeds of which went to an orphanage in Vietnam to fund the children's education and transportation to school.
    This year, one of the children from the orphanage posted a "thank you" to our school with a photo of himself at his university desk.
  4. My first international teaching experience was in Indonesia. One of my kindergarten students was the daughter of the school's maid and caretaker/guard who lived on-site.
    This year, she graduated with a degree in teaching English and started her first teaching job (and loves it.)
  5. Buying a book created and published by one of my IB Art students.
    He's a photographer now and also won best new artist in his country.