Thank you, @pili_ervin, for the LR. It's been a long time since I lived in Honolulu, but my memories of Oahu are great. I left because I couldn't afford it on a pre-school teacher's salary, but I'd go back in a minute if I could. I've listed here the things that I loved about it.
  1. The beaches
    There's nowhere else I'd rather be than on a beach, especially a tropical one. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful ones.
  2. The opportunity to travel
    I got all around Oahu and some of the other islands. I loved how each one has something different to offer.
  3. My job
    Even though I wasn't earning enough to live on, I did love the school where I worked. It was very small and rather "hippyish" which suits me. There was real respect amongst all stakeholders-children, staff, and parents.
  4. The view from my flat
    I overlooked Diamond Head, and on Friday nights I could watch the fireworks over the beach.
  5. Shave ice
    I'm sure there's a physics-related reason that shaved ice is better than a snow-cone, and when you add sweetened condensed milk it becomes something magical.
  6. Muumuus
    I change clothes as soon as I get home from school (germs🙄) and change into a muumuu most days. I don't like clothes that touch me.
  7. Leis
    What a great way to make someone feel welcome or celebrated or that they'll be missed. Jasmine ones are my favorite.
  8. The laid-back pace
    I'm from the Virginia/D.C. area which I once heard (fairly accurately) described as having more ambition per square mile than anywhere else, and had just left the riots and crisis in Jakarta. The relaxed pace of Hawaiians and tourists was just what I needed.
  9. Con'd
    It always felt like there was time to surf, to help out, to listen to live music, or to just hang out and "talk story."