Meet Baba & Booey, my rescued 1yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 9 month old Puggle. They can't live without each other and I can't live without them
  1. Pups have had diarrhea for weeks now. Nobody knows why. This pic was at Barkfest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 98 degree heat. Probably not a great idea.
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  2. Changed dog food twice. Dogs still poop badly. We crate them to avoid using up all the natures miracle and resolve carpet cleaner.
  3. Baba poops last nite on bedroom carpet, husband steps in it. Not a happy camper. Dogs get crated.
  4. Husband goes to let dogs out of crate at 7am, Booey has now pooped all over himself. Both dogs come out of crate and step in poop and roll around the carpet.
  5. I call vet for yet another double appointment to see wtf is causing both dogs gastric distress. Husband dangerously ready to give dogs back. 😱
  6. Anyone with advice, please comment. My adorable boys want to remain here and I don't want an empty nest 👍🏻
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