I live in the NYC area. Words can't express my frustration driving here.
  1. Anyone driving under the speed limit on the highway in the left lane.
    If you refuse to drive at least 70 mph (yes I know it's 15 mph above the limit), get the fuck out of the left lane.
  2. Truck drivers in the middle lane
    Do you really need to convoy and make it impossible for me to get into the left or HOV lane? And for that matter, block my ability to get into the right lane to exit the highway?
  3. Taxi/Uber/Lyft/ black car service drivers
    Please stop weaving through NYC lanes, blocking traffic for pick up/drop offs, double parking, blowing through lights and honking your horns unnecessarily ESPECIALLY when the city is basically under total construction. Is it my fault there are approx 4 lanes squeezing into 1 when I get out of the Lincoln Tunnel? I think not.
  4. NYC dedicated bus lanes, bike lanes and pedestrian plazas
    I have narrowly missed killing bike messengers, jay walkers, tourists etc.
  5. Squeegee men and panhandlers
    I remember the NYC bad old days prior to Mayor Giuliani's crackdown on quality of life issues. I don't need nor want a vagrant wiping his dirty newspaper across my windshield for a handout. And I def don't want to be accosted for $ while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic to cross a bridge or enter the tunnels.
  6. Elderly drivers
    I sympathize. My grandfather was 99 when he died. He drove til he was 98 and the cops impounded his car. We're sure that's what killed him ;) If you can't see above the steering wheel, have lousy eyesight, hate driving in the dark, PLEASE DON'T DRIVE.
  7. Drivers who break and hit gas pedal at same time on the highway
    Break lights on break lights off. Seriously, how am I supposed to know if I should actually break?
  8. Truck stuck under the overpass on the parkways
    No matter how many warning signs there are, inevitably there will be some moron who follows his gps and ends up stuck. Let's just add more time and stress to the rush hour commute.
  9. Using a cell phone while driving
    You want to text, talk whatever? Fine. Do it on the shoulder not in a lane on the highway or use Bluetooth. Technology is a wonderful thing. U don't need to hold the phone anymore.
  10. Riding my tail
    If the highway isn't really moving, must you be on my ass? It sure won't make my car go any faster.
  11. Cutting around me at a light
    If I'm sitting at a red light, what gives you the right to think you can just speed around me and make a turn?