My 1st list 👍🏻😊
  1. Listened to last 1/2 hr of GMA and now Live with Kelly & Michael. Seen the surprised looks of couples finding out the sex of their baby live by balloons, interviews with Adam Sandler & Cara Delavigne & watched some moronic "face off". I now remember why I NEVER watch morning TV.
  2. Counting the numerous people gravitating to the Keurig machine and grab bagels like its the zombie apocalypse. I don't eat carbs. Not happy.
  3. Tried to find out how to book trip to Cuba on Jet Blue for Xmas vacay. Cuz, hey, why not?
  4. Attempting to keep my cool as I watch entire service dpt head to the coffee truck.
  5. Trying to now ignore Rachel Ray show's discussion on "weight loss warriors". Do they not understand how freaking hungry I am as I watch the zombies chow down on their bagels?
  6. Made phone call to power dept to find out if power came back on in my house. Who doesn't love waking up to a blackout?
  7. Can't get the words "sauce on side" out of my head. Can't turn off damn TV or lower the sound.
  8. Watching the minutes of my life tick away. I've lost almost 2 hrs that I won't ever get back and car still not ready.
  9. Having an allergy attack. Coughing my brains out. Getting evil looks from the zombies.
  10. Missing the Howard Stern Show's interview with Jason Ellis because I stupidly forgot my headphones.
  11. Feeling the need to punch the dude on the TV screen who keeps talking about wine, cocktails and cheese melts.
  12. Realizing "the list" is a hell of a lot of fun! Better than me venting on Twitter with only 140 characters.