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  1. Isaac was home alone and he heard something in the kitchen. Be got up to check it when he walked in to the living room and saw his cat jumping towards him.Isaac panicked and punched the cat in the face KO.
  1. Little Isaac was walking down the street going to school and he got to the bus stop 20min go by and Isaac gets bored so he takes out his phone and decided to watch porn. He starts to watch and his sister comes behind him and sees what he is doing and looks at him and they stare at each other for a while and she tells everyone on the bus.
  2. Isaac was ready to blow up the bus.
  1. Little Isaac was in school 6th grade doing some math and Isaac had pitched a tent in class. His teacher asked him to write stuff on the bord. Isaac stood up awkwardly and walked to the Bord with his hands in his basketball shorts trying to hold down his stuff. Isaac finished doing the work and the teacher told him to turn around.
  2. When Isaac turn he said take your hand out your pocket and I looked at him as if he stabbed my cat and he said do it I took my hands out and than boom tent at full set Isaac went back to his desk after everyone stared at him Isaac than thought of how to kill the whole class without people knowing it was him.
there are many reason why I like to stream:
  1. Meet new people
  2. Talk to some big streamers
  3. Way to relax
3 more...
  1. How to survive
  2. Spongbob movie 2
  3. Simsons
  4. Cloudy with a chance of meat balls 1 & 2
  1. Funny
  2. Creative
  3. Energetic
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  1. Watching porn
    It was a nice sunny day in little Isaac got up to play the computer play on Minecraft he went on to the history of the internet he saw porn hub on their Isaac click on the site and pulled up some amazing content and then his mom walked in and saw him and destroyed the computer Isaac then got another computer 4 days later for his birthday and he watch porn are there for the rest of the time. True story
  1. Xbox one
    I grew up with the Xbox and I love the set up of the home page.
  1. ARK:survival evolved
  2. Elite dangerous
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5
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