In no particular order
  1. Had to work an 8 hour shift at Starbucks
  2. Attended a wedding
    Wearing a bridesmaid dress that was too big
  3. Scratched my face and made it bleed
  4. Reopened the wound
  5. Drank 6 rum and cokes
    Didn't get drunk however
  6. Snagged 3 different interviews
  7. Got mad at my dad for forgetting to buy chocolate spread
  8. Made brownies
  9. Missed out on witnessing crime happen
    Such a long story. Literally so stupid.
  10. Started my period
    AFTER the wedding
  11. Was 40 minutes late for work
  12. Sweated myself into oblivion
    It's been really hot
  13. Stole someone's choker by accident
  14. Shook a strangers hand
  15. Drove in a limo
  16. Got stuck in said limo
  17. Hugged a sweaty person
    I wasn't the sweaty person
  18. Ignored a person I hate
  19. Got a hangover