After three years of living in DC I will be moving in a few months. Although I have been pretty good about exploring this city there always seems to be more to do. Before I leave I hope to get to explore the following places.
  1. Air and Space Museum
    No no not the one on the mall that every middle school class visits. In fact, for this reason alone you should avoid that museum! There is actually a second and much more impressive Air and Space museum located in Chantilly, Virginia. The Udvar-Hazy Center displays thousands of space and aviation crafts from the lightest aircraft ever made to the Space Shuttle Discovery. Some other crafts to note include: The Lockheed SR-71 blackbird and the "Enola Gay"( the plane that dropped the atomic bomb).
  2. Watch plants grow at the National Arboretum
    Who doesn't love s good plant? Well, The National Arboretum has them all! One exhibit I am particularly interested in checking out is the bonsai plants. There are three pavilions that house over 150 plants. Masters from China, Japan and the U.S. Have come and created these tiny tiny trees for us to enjoy!
  3. Visit the Congressional Cemetery
    This 207 year old cemetery was not part of L'Efant's original design. In fact, he forgot to design a cemetery at all. Once in use, the cemetery quickly became associated with the U.S. Congress and known as the national cemetery (It was build 50 years before Arlington). Until the mid-1830s nearly every congressman who died in the district was buried here. It's kinda funny having a cemetery on a bucket list, if I don't make it now maybe I can hang there later.
  4. Picnic on Theodore Roosevelt Island
    This nearly 90 acre island located in the middle of the Potomac River seems unimpressive when driving by. However, in 1931 it was cleaned out and miles of trails were added. A memorial statue to the 26th president was erected and stands tall at the center of the island. It is now part of the National Park Service and serves as an escape from the city for many Washingtonians.
  5. Meet local artists at the Torpedo Factory
    The torpedo factory is located on the waterfront in Alexandria, VA. Alexandria is an charming town with cobblestone streets, where good ole'George Washington used to hang out when he needed to get away from Martha and Mt. Vernon.Anyway, the Torpedo Factory used to be, well, a Torpedo Factory. In 1969 it was converted into artist space by the city of Alexandria. It houses 82 artist who work in a verity of media and show their wares in 7 gallery spaces.
  6. Bike to and tour of the Fredrick Douglas House
    Fredrick Douglas lived in this house located on top of a hill with views of DC. He lived here from 1877 until his death in 1895. Although, parts of the house are not original to when he lived there it would be great to see the home of such a prominent historical figure.
  7. Paddle boat at the Tidal Basin
    In the spring, one of the most popular activities in DC is walking around the mall and tidal basin to take in the wonder that is the cherry blossom festival. Some people take it up a notch and rent paddled boats to view these spectacular blossoms from the water. Not only is the beauty awe inspiring you also have less of an urge to push tourist as you would if you were on land. Win win if you ask me!
  8. See a show at Wolf Trap.
    Did you know we have a National Preforming Arts Center? Well we do! It's located in Vienna, Virginia just a metro ride away from our Nation's Capital. The venue is both indoor and outdoor. Patrons bring picnics, blankets and even adult beverages and enjoy some amazing music under the stars. Hoping to see a show before it gets to cold.