1. Buying a large bag of everything bagel, shaking it for a long time and eating everything that collects at the bottom
  2. Dropping hundreds of dollars at an arcade
  3. Buying things without regard to prices
  4. Selling my name
  5. Writing for a television show for the sole purpose of making jokes in scenarios that would never happen in my life
  6. Being a beta tester for pretty much anything
  7. Smashing something with a hammer
  8. Dropping my phone from an extremely high altitude and seeing the results
  9. Turning my home into a smart-home
  10. Turning my entire house into a ball pit
  11. Building the world's biggest pillow fort
  12. Owning a Roomba
  13. Having 1 million dollars in a suit case or duffel bag
  14. Travelling without my phone