Requested by jess.butts

My Glow Up/down Cycles 👏🏾

  1. Third grade birthday rocking a Hawaiian hoodie
  2. Sixth grade birthday rocking a visor #highfashion
  3. 2011, my face got hit by a shovel
  4. 2012, green braces and iconic eyebrows
  5. I spent 2013 disguised as a heroine addict
  6. Spring 2014 eyebrows still iconic
  7. Fall 2014, my hair decided to be long
  8. Winter 2014, glory days
  9. 2015 actually getting my eyebrows done for the first time
  10. 2015, I promptly stopped plucking my eyebrows
  11. Then I went to college and looked not dead one time
  12. This very moment as I am dying under papers