Requested by jess.butts

Reasons Why I Love My Dog More Than Any Other Living Creature

  1. Her want to eat everything in sight is admirable
  2. She's like a breathing stuffed animal
  3. She has a higher moral status than I do
  4. Her ability to sleep in any situation
  5. She has a better personality than most humans I know
  6. She could probably score higher on the SATs than I did
  7. I dig her dog eye lashes
  8. She poses with me for prom pictures
  9. Her bandana game is always on point
  10. I can disguise talking to myself by talking to her
  11. Sometimes she falls and it's funny
  12. She thinks she's a lap dog even though she's 50 lbs
  13. Her sass is unreal
  14. I think she might be able to see spirits
  15. This picture