Requested by jess.butts

Roles in the Nutcracker, Ranked

Remembrance of the glory days, ranked worst to best
  1. 9.
    Big mouse
    This part was hell. I did it for four years, the bottom of the costume had an actual hoola hoop in it and all we were there for was to lift up the lead
  2. 8.
    Chinese lead
    This part and all of its choreography was kind of racist and also it was my shortest country lead, and therefore irrelevant
  3. 7.
    This was my first part ever and I did the show with the stomach bug. Which is something I would never do now, so basically my character and will power has just gotten worse with age
  4. 6.
    Candy queen
    95% of the role is butt kicks and the other 5% is split between smiling and clapping. What's not to love
  5. 5.
    Windup doll
    This was a 32 second (yeah that's right I timed it) solo, and at the end I had to hold the same pose without moving for 5 minutes. It was a wild time
  6. 4.
    Snow queen
    Less of a snow "queen" more of a snow hitler, if you don't follow my timing you are dead
  7. 3.
    Dream fairy
    I remember this role as just making big arm motions and feeling Royal as fuck
  8. 2.
    Russian queen
    I didn't have to wear pointe shoes and about half the dance was me jumping on this guys shoulder. Awesome.
  9. 1.
    Bonus round: ugly step sister, Cinderella
    This was the role I was born to play