Guys I am legit freaking out over here!
  1. Remember coin op rides at the mall?
  2. They looked like this
    Bd1bb049 d12a 4b85 9d88 578faba34480
  3. Or this
    B50eeecb 8a3f 4297 bcd3 95688b3f6166
  4. Or maybe a helicopter if you were really lucky
    9b7da154 799e 44e9 a65b 0076954fcf1f
  5. Well, I went to a mall today
    Actually I just walked through a mall on my way to Costco for some salsa...
  6. And this is what I saw
    F7031bec 2f2f 4b1f a096 f4f2c76910d2
  7. And this
    C1cb55fb f398 4167 9893 4f0b6411ffdb
  8. And this
    753c8ef5 cd2f 4376 8ac7 9621e707b72f
  9. These are coin op, you guys
  10. And you can rise them around wherever you want!
  11. Gorillas! Lions!! There was an elephant!!!
  12. I am so jealous.