1. Pomegranate molasses
    I'm familiar with these things separately...
  2. Lemon omani
    The religious leader of all lemons?
  3. Gochugaru
    What you feed to a captive werewolf?
  4. Little Gem lettuce
    It's the size of a hamster!
  5. Garrotxa cheese
    Does it come from underneath a Mexican volcano?
  6. Harissa paste
    The paste that explains it all!
  7. Quinces
  8. Fennel pollen
    Again, I'm familiar with both of these things separately...
  9. Torpedo onion
    Is it safe?
  10. Za'atar
    I loved its four-episode run on Star Trek: TNG.
  11. Pineapple guava berries
    Those are three separate fruit. No seriously, are you ok??