1. Shaun the Sheep ***
    I want to take that ugly dog home so bad!!
  2. Taken 3 *
    Ugh, can we not?
  3. Carol *****
    A movie about people in tough situations who don't know what to do, and then they make decisions about what to do, and it's triumphant. I really liked it, and the fact it was focused on women in love with each other but you can feel the palpable male rage and impotence all around the periphery.
  4. Point Break (1990) ***
    LOL it took me this long to see this ridiculous thing?
  5. Girlfriends (1978) ****
    Holy shit you guys, this movie was 37 years ahead of its time. It is totally of the current indie aesthetic and could have been made last week by @lenadunham or Noah Baumbach. Honestly, with zero need for updating. It was GREAT! Where did this actress go?
  6. We Are Still Here *
    Disappointing purchase. Am I too discerning in my horror tastes?
  7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ****
    I love most of the new characters, thought the freshly composed music was great (stayed through the full credits the second time just to listen) and am looking forward to the next one.
  8. Desk Set ***
    Spencer/Hepburn are the most adorable couple. In this one he's an efficiency expert and she's a brilliant research & records worker. I gave it an extra star for the subject matter, because I do love an efficiency expert in a movie, but I also fell asleep.