Damn, I watch a lot of movies! I'm restricting these lists to movies that are new to me, to try to keep things reasonable.
  1. All The President's Men
    So good, but then it just... ends? ****
  2. Pat and Mike
    Strange Hepburn and Tracy movie. Lots of references to men "owning" her. **
  3. Christmas in Connecticut
    So fun! Barbara Stanwyck has a real softness in this and Dennis Morgan is the man Matthew Morrison wishes he could be. Yes, definitely adding this to my yearly Christmas roster. *****
  4. That's Entertainment Part Two
    More varied clips than the first one. I keep having to remind myself that people paid money to see this in theaters! But then again, there was no VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix or TCM yet... ***
  5. The Hundred Foot Journey
    Indian food is the best on the planet. End of debate. **
  6. In The Heart Of The Sea
    A hearty throwback, in the sense that I haven't seen an adventure film so earnestly committed to itself since the nineties. Fully enjoyable. It was a relief to be able to discard my postmodern cynicism for a few hours. ***
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey
    It's more awful but also more fun if you pretend Jamie Dornan's character is that AIDS med and Wu-Tang buying douchebag. For more on this: Highlights From Martin Shkreli's Christmas Party *
  8. Anatomy of a Murder
    Gripping but relatively predictable. The opening and closing music made my dog go insane. ***