1. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl ***
    Good movie? Sure. Biggest buy in the history of Sundance? HUH?!?
  2. Teen Witch *
    If only I could give negative stars.
  3. Coherence ***
    Enjoyable low-budget sci-fi thriller in the style of Primer and Triangle. This is probably the most accessible of the three.
  4. World Of Tomorrow *****
    I forgot how much I love Don Hertzfeld. This is so unusual and poignant and absurd. Rooting so hard for him to win the Oscar.
  5. Spring ***
    How did I end up picking 2 movies to watch in the same night that were both about women giving birth to themselves? This was very beautiful and ponderous, and there was definitely a Zulawski reference at one point, but it lost a lot of steam when it started explaining everything and didn't stop right up until the end. Making it all about love seemed a bit too easy too.
  6. Olive Kitteridge *****
    Splendid and miserable.