1. The Hateful Eight ***
    Fun, but not sure it's even in my top half of Tarantino's movies. Although after reading the IMDB page, I sort of want to go back and watch it with a particular influence in mind. In any case, Jackson, Goggins and Leigh all give amazing performances. Goggins is having a great year with this and American Ultra!
  2. Spotlight ***
    Competent... but nothing that special, geez.
  3. Rocky **
    Meh. So many people have tried to get me to watch this. It wasn't that good, guys.
  4. The Fly (original) ***
    Full disclosure, I saw this once before when I was seven. Recently I've realized how much it influenced my taste, even though I barely remembered actually watching it. The framing device really cranks up the dread, and by the time Helene kills Andre the camp has been turned up to eleven and really heightens the tragedy. I didn't realize it took place in Montreal, so odd.
  5. Bone Tomahawk *****
    Every bit of this was worth waiting for. Top shelf western, top shelf horror. I'll be revisiting this often.
  6. Brooklyn ****
    I was surprised by the simple story, but it was very effecting and well made.
  7. The Visit ***
    Enjoyable M. Night Shyamalan vehicle that borders on campy. Lots of fun. Of course, there's a twist, but I only saw a part of it coming :)
  8. The Big Short ****
    Dynamic, compelling, and interestingly conflicted. The whole film crackles along a tension line between artifice and genuineness.
  9. The Call **
    A silly, silly film but with a couple of tense moments.