1. Furious 7 *
    It gets a star for the end, which was honestly kind of a well-done farewell.
  2. It Happened One Night *****
    Amazing. But now I can't get The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze out of my head.
  3. Broadcast News *****
    Made me feel that feeling of really loving your job and the people you work with. Albert Brooks really earned that Oscar nomination in the flop sweat scene. Wow.
  4. And The Oscar Goes To... ***
    Decent doc that covers a bunch of Oscar moments over the years.
  5. Hail, Caesar! No rating yet.
    Need to let this one sit for a while.
  6. The Overnight ***
    Small, quirky, and with lots of stunt cock.
  7. After Hours *****
    So now I love a Scorcese film and a James L. Brooks film. Didn't see this day coming! Also, I'm kind of in love w/Griffin Dunne.
  8. The Volcano ***
    Decently funny road flick with 2 very likable French actors.
  9. Bridge of Spies ****
    Surprisingly gripping tale of international negotiation. Marc Rylance is superb.
  10. Lost In America **
  11. The Ladykillers ****
    I totally loved this. Serves me right for listening to popular opinion about the Coens. "Would that it were so simple" is an actual line in this!
  12. Charade *****
    So great.