With bonus whoopsie gift?
  1. A beautifully wrapped box came! This was the only side I could photograph that didn't have personal info on it.
  2. Destroyed that wrapping.
  3. Eeeeee!!!
  4. Several wrapped mini packages inside!
  5. Dog cookies! In mustache shapes!
  6. I tried to hold the mustache in front of her face but she was too excited to sit still!
  7. Happy munching!
  8. Adorable knit booties!! (More about these later)
  9. They're mega comfy! Pups is jealous.
  10. My Secret Santa is from Stratford, Ontario! That Jeopardy stumper of a town :)
  11. Pretty Xmas box!
  12. With yummy minty chocolates inside (they didn't stay intact for long!)
  13. And now the bonus whoopsie gift. Remember the super cute knit slippers?
  14. Well, there was something hiding inside one of them that I don't think was meant for me!
  15. Santa, saving your return address so I can get this back to you soon! :)
  16. Didn't catch your ListApp username, I'd love to be friends on here.
  17. Thank you Secret Santa!!
  18. And thanks to @ChrisK for setting this up!