With bonus whoopsie gift?
  1. A beautifully wrapped box came! This was the only side I could photograph that didn't have personal info on it.
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  2. Destroyed that wrapping.
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  3. Eeeeee!!!
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  4. Several wrapped mini packages inside!
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  5. Dog cookies! In mustache shapes!
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  6. I tried to hold the mustache in front of her face but she was too excited to sit still!
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  7. Happy munching!
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  8. Adorable knit booties!! (More about these later)
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  9. They're mega comfy! Pups is jealous.
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  10. My Secret Santa is from Stratford, Ontario! That Jeopardy stumper of a town :)
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  11. Pretty Xmas box!
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  12. With yummy minty chocolates inside (they didn't stay intact for long!)
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  13. And now the bonus whoopsie gift. Remember the super cute knit slippers?
  14. Well, there was something hiding inside one of them that I don't think was meant for me!
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  15. Santa, saving your return address so I can get this back to you soon! :)
  16. Didn't catch your ListApp username, I'd love to be friends on here.
  17. Thank you Secret Santa!!
  18. And thanks to @ChrisK for setting this up!