Here are some ideas for gifts. I also love surprises and weirdness so feel free to go off book!
  1. A book that you loved
    My fave book this year was Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, if that gives you an idea of what I like.
  2. A book of poetry, or even just a bunch of poems not in book form.
  3. Something representative from your town/country/general location
  4. Anything with a fox or foxes on it.
  5. A board game or card game you like.
  6. Something handmade
  7. Fun craft supplies, so I can make something handmade and decorative/useful
  8. Nice smelling things.
    I like scents like herbs & leather, not so much flowers.
  9. A mix CD
    No really! Especially if it's very eclectic and full of bands I've never heard of. Or themed in some way!
  10. Dog toys
    She likes plush animals and anything that she can "kill" :)
  11. Homemade dog treats!
    If you can get them past Mr. Postman