I missed "best hair" by thiiiiiiis much my senior year in high school, but gosh darn it did I get voted "most artistic" my senior year of college. Felt good. Real good. So this is for those who would probably never receive an honor like this otherwise. Inspired by @JimmyFallon (but aren't I always?)
  1. Most Likely To Have Sold His Soul To The Devil & Now Regrets It
  2. Most Likely To Be A Real Life Snapchat Filter
  3. Most Likely To Show Up On Every Dating App With Only A Suggestive Emoji As His Bio
    Pepe le Pew
  4. Most Likely To Annoy People On Facebook By Inviting Them To An Online Makeup Party
  5. Most Likely To Be Later To Work Every Morning Than I Am
  6. Most Likely To Be Mistakenly Used By An Italian Grandmother To Season The Meal She Insists You Need To Put Some Meat On Your Bones
    Three way tie between Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper & Paprika. (Before you say anything, Cinnamon came during Steve's final season and this is evidence enough to persuade the court that he could very well be part of the real reason Steve left to pursue that "hopscotch scholarship" & therefore should be excluded from this narrative, thanks)