HALP ME! In a month's time, I'll be standing in front of my plaid-clad, beau hunk drummer of a lover Matt Scibilia again. And this time, I want to not say stupid things.
  1. Back story:
    I went to see Gavin DeGraw earlier this year and two bands opened before him. As the first band played, I saw him - Matt Scibilia. He was standing on the side of the stage, and I thought he was part of the band's audio tech. Regardless, couldn't take my eyes off of him. Then what happens...Marc Scibilia takes the stage and the bearded wonder boy I love at first sighted sits behind the drum kit. Mind blown. After the show I met Marc and got some merch & an autograph.
  2. Fast forward to later that month:
    I see that Marc is playing in Athens. A short 1.5 hour drive compared to the 6 hours for Gavin. I go, sing every line to every song and bc it's such an intimate venue, I stand right in front of Matt, front row and BEAMING. Also staring. A lot. Afterwards I get to meet Matt. He asked me my name and in a totally casual way asks what kind of music I like. SMALL TALK WITH MATT. I'm a legit music lover, y'all. But what do I say? "I like all music. Except rap. Well @snoopdogg is good."
  3. Giphy
  4. Lorrrrrt help my soul 🙏🏼:
    He rubs his glorious beard and agrees that Snoop is good. I continue to embarrass myself while waiting to get a picture with the whole band, but he's super cool about it #poppingismypolicy (inside joke I'm sure he doesn't remember even though he said it). Anyway. Got my pictures and was leaving when Marc stopped me to talk. As I left I motioned toward Matt something dramatic with hand over my heart. And Marc goes. Wait, are you the girl from insta?
  5. Bless my heart, y'all:
    I've posted about Matt before a few times and Marc and their mother have liked/commented on said posts. I mean...c'mon...that obviously means that his family ships us right? (See smittenserendipity for reference) So Marc goes, you HAVE to get a picture with just him. Seeee ships us. And I was like "oh, I did." And then - true to my nature - pulled a Chandler Bing and awkwardly winked.
  6. Giphy
  7. One month away:
    Need your help! Suggest ways to not embarrass myself while pledging my love in a non-stalker way.
  8. Ready.
  9. Set.
  10. Suggest!
  11. ❤️