And here's what's happening -
  1. My bio says "impressed by puns"
  2. Cause I want to catch all the puns these dudes are laying on me and laugh at those instead of having to laugh at my own jokes bc I've heard them all and they're getting old.
  3. In fact, I was lured in by a guy who mentioned Buffy in his bio and how Riley is her worst bf hands down. I told him I almost tried to argue against it but realized he was right. To which he said...
  4. "Did it...Rile you up?"
  5. Pretty funny but no dice. Things got too weird too fast.
  6. But on one of these apps, the woman has to make the first move. So I once did this. I was red and it was my turn again.
  7. And no, you guys, he didn't let me win, the three across is just too tricky for some. I crushed him with no mercy.
  8. Still no dice. I need a challenge, y'all.
  9. I took another approach with a dashing man who is getting his doctorate in PT and decided to go the meme route.
  10. So I sent him this.
  11. No word on how this will play out yet. But I'm guessing it will also yield no return.
  12. But if you like what you've seen so far...
  13. Giphy
  14. I'm available.
  15. 👰🏻