SETTING: Union County High School - 2006 to 2010
  2. Wide-eyed, naive, a girl begins the struggle
  3. In plain ol' Blairsville where we lay our scene
  4. Of firsts, of lasts, lost loves and high school drama
  5. So long ago as if perchance a dream
  6. A flutter in hopes and draped in long brown tresses
  7. So quick we'll see logic take a back seat
  8. Her mind and heart will swell as time progresses
  9. Four years now come and gone - story's complete
  10. At the request of @joemurphy we go
  11. Shakespearians don't crucify me please
  12. This is a very weak attempt I know
  13. I hope this list won't sting as bad as bees
  14. I promise you a tale you're sure to find
  15. Will take you into my most inner-mind
  16. ——————————————————
  17. Plot twist: no one dies
  18. ——————————————————
  19. I got too tired after attempting that atrocious opening in iambic pentameter....
  20. And this tale should considered a comedy at this stage in life...
  21. But mostly there was:
  22. A lot of pining (ahem...@samuelmurphy)
  23. A lot of angsty music & even a rap phase (gag)
  24. A lot of lessons learned