Possible names for bands I think could be v. punk rock 🤘🏼

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    Screaming Ovum
    Plays at your local bar only once a month. EP titled "The Crimson Wave".
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    Yummy Sushi Pajamas
    Inspired by the sleepwear choices of Buffy Summers.
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    Bible Kiss Bible
    Credit goes to Lane from Gilmore Girls, I'm not clever enough to have thought of this one.
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    Non-aggressive Cacti
    Had to throw a bone to my love of succulents, I mean really.
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    Crooked Gallery
    Most famous song "Ode To That One Picture That Threw Off Your Entire Pinterest-Inspired Gallery Wall Because You Put The Nail A Quarter Of An Inch Too Far To The Right".
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    Lady Sideburns
    Because I could write an entire album dedicated to the baby hairs I've lovingly named my lady sideburns that Ryan Adams would be thrilled to cover.
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    Ubrupt Ombré
    Made up of girls the Bachelor doesn't choose each year. *inspired by SNL