1. Screaming Ovum
    Plays at your local bar only once a month. EP titled "The Crimson Wave".
  2. Yummy Sushi Pajamas
    Inspired by the sleepwear choices of Buffy Summers.
  3. Bible Kiss Bible
    Credit goes to Lane from Gilmore Girls, I'm not clever enough to have thought of this one.
  4. Non-aggressive Cacti
    Had to throw a bone to my love of succulents, I mean really.
  5. Crooked Gallery
    Most famous song "Ode To That One Picture That Threw Off Your Entire Pinterest-Inspired Gallery Wall Because You Put The Nail A Quarter Of An Inch Too Far To The Right".
  6. Lady Sideburns
    Because I could write an entire album dedicated to the baby hairs I've lovingly named my lady sideburns that Ryan Adams would be thrilled to cover.
  7. Ubrupt Ombré
    Made up of girls the Bachelor doesn't choose each year. *inspired by SNL