1. When you share a dressing room with a friend.
  2. When you make your guy friend hold your Starbucks latte and sit outside while you and your girl friend take 1000 options into the dressing room.
  3. When you're bloated from your period.
  4. When your friend digs what you picked out for her.
  5. When you're scared to try a new style and your girl is there to back you up.
  6. When you see someone else try on the same outfit and they look bomb AF.
  7. When you try to put something on but can't figure out where your arms go.
  8. When you fall in love with something on the clearance rack and the sales lady tells you someone must have put it there on accident and it's full price.
    There's a special place in hell for you people.
  9. When something you really want isn't available in your size.
  10. When you see swim suits out early and it reminds you that you haven't started on that summer bod yet.
  11. When you find a cute button up but your chest pops open that middle button.
    You know the one.
  12. When you find something that fits perfectly.
  13. When the store is closing and you have to make those final purchase decisions.