In honor of Beau & Stella's 5th birthday.
  1. Look at those little toes.
  2. Your little toe pads look like beans.
  3. Bean toes!
  4. Precious little soft bean toes.
  5. Wow those claws kinda look like mini shrimp.
  6. Why do you insist on cleaning your intimate bits right in the middle of the floor when company is over?
  7. Be a lady for once - close your legs...looking at you, Stella.
  8. You are a magical unicorn with the most beautiful little face in the whole world. You majestic mini Panther.
  9. You have a little brain, and a little heart *begins tearing up* and a little soul.
  10. Yes! Cuddles!
  11. Annnnnnnnd here come the paws kneading into the most sensitive parts of my flesh.
  12. Ahhhhhhh clawsssssss.
  13. Can you just lay down so I can pet you?
  14. There we go.
  15. Dang it - cat hair in my nose.
  16. In my eyes.
  17. Finally comfy! *cat leaves*
  18. Look at that fluffy wittle booty.
  19. Little fluffernut.
  20. You little stinking flufferbum.
  21. You deserve treats.
  22. *shakes bags and they run at you* yassssss, come to me.
  23. *in sing song to Teach Me How To Dougie* All my kitties love me, all my, all my kitties love me.