Friday morning traffic is usually light - making it my fave morning for driving to work. In fact, Friday morning shaves 20 min off my normal morning commute. However...
  1. I dropped the lid to my Burt's Bees
  2. Within the first 5 min
  3. Giphy
  4. Which means I had an exposed chapstick
  5. The whole way to work
  6. So I frantically ran my hand under the seat at red lights
  7. And the occasion traffic backup
  8. And still couldn't find it
  9. And looked under the seat when I parked at work
  10. And still didn't find it
  11. Giphy
  12. So I stole the lid off another Burt's Bees of a lesser flavor
  13. And popped that top on
  14. Giphy
  15. And now there's a half-used, subpar flavor of Burt's Bees rolling around without a cap
  16. Calm down, guys
  17. I turned the wheel as far down as it would go
  18. I didn't leave the Chapstick part up to get gross
  19. I'm not an animal
  20. Giphy