My grandmother is a famous list maker- so I had to make a list in honor of her and the wonderful place she has lived all her life- the first things that come to mind
  1. Being twins
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  2. The forest behind their house, "camping" when I was a kid
  3. The "my name is.." game
  4. Grandmommy's sense of humor- her crescent eyes and they way she laughs
  5. The idea of Lucky Charms, summer memories like pensacourt and playing old maid
  6. The foot couch
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  7. Joe Patti's
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  8. Oysters & Shrimp, but also just love
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  9. The fact that me and Grandmommy have the same favorite meal
  10. The way that the house looks and smells, the comfort in its consistency
  11. The white soft sand
  12. Long walks through the neighborhood
  13. How dark and quiet the bedroom is where I sleep
  14. Hearts
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