Why We Love Music

Music is an integral part of being human.
  1. Escape
    When I listen to music, I'm not a white, middle class yuppie anymore on my commute. I'm much more.
  2. Releas
    Music is relaxing and often pulls out the emotions we are unable vocalize.
  3. Understanding-empathy
    This is similar to the last one. Whether it's heartbreak or ecstasy, a talented musician has experienced it too and wrote a song about it.
  4. Solidarity
    In a culture full of individuals, we want to belong. That's why we have fan clubs and country clubs and chess clubs. Music enables us to belong.
  5. Fun
    Music is just fun. As I write this, I'm listening to "All Star" by Smash Mouth, so come on.
  6. Worship
    As a Christian, music is more to me than just the above. It's one of the ways that I connect with God. When I sing an ancient hymn, I remember how I am joined with other believers through the ages, worshiping as one Body. When I sing a modern worship song, I meditate on the words being sung by others around the world and remember our common salvation.