What you've already seen & what I'm adding
  1. Get fit / drink water / eat healthier
    This is always a cliche resolution. However, it's not a bad thing. Even if I only eventually will stray away from this goal, at least for a few months I am motivated enough to take care of myself.
  2. Take care of my skin
    Thanks, lady at Little Rock Sephora who introduced me to moisturizers a few days ago. It makes my skin feel extremely clean & I've found that, subconsciously, I've really been needing to do this with my skin for a long time. Wish me the best of luck as I hope to reduce my acne.
  3. Wear less makeup (part of taking care of myself)
    I feel that the more I wear makeup, the more I not only forget what I actually look like, but I also think I break out more. I really want to take care of my skin this year.
  4. Choose kindness over honesty
    This isn't a goal to eliminate how I feel & to stuff my opinions away, or to lie consistently. This is a goal to stop me from unnecessarily always giving my opinion. It isn't needed and there's a chance that I probably have hurt others by doing so.
  5. Learn more
    put my phone away. Learn how to study better. Learn how to study, period.
  6. Read more
    I used to read so often. Now, I wish not even to read what books my English teacher gives us. I have so many books I've started but have yet to finish.
  7. Stop spending money on food & makeup
    That's all. I need more money.
  8. Find new music
    I often find myself re-listening to the same tunes. I want to find more music that makes me dance.
  9. Be kind to myself
    Simply, be kind to myself.
  10. Write more
    I've fallen very behind on my blog. Write as much as I can, & don't be scared to publish it.
  11. Find comfort in changes.
    I'm graduating this year. I'm fearful of it.
  12. Above all, trust God in all.
    I'm such a worrier. I need to put my faith in Him & realize that He's got control.