A woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty just gave me a box of donuts. This is my struggle
  1. This is probably a sign of good will. 9:30 am
  2. She's a patriot. A green velvet clad patriot
  3. Oh it says on the box that it's from liberty tax. So this is an advertisement ploy
  4. A bribe and a bid for my business- 9: 30 and 30 seconds am
  5. That kind of makes me feel special
  6. Man that job must be horrible. She's basically like the guy that wears a sandwich suit in front of the Quiznos, but she has to show her face.
  7. I wonder if she skims donuts from the boxes to compensate. My box looks pretty full. But I guess you don't get hired to impersonate the Statue of Liberty being fat. Though she was old....
  8. Should I eat one? 9:31 am
  9. There's no seal on the box
  10. It could be powdered sugar....or anthrax
  11. Laced donuts would be a pretty good name for a high end bakery...
  12. The Statue of Liberty... Could she be trying to make a political statement by poisoning me?
  13. I'm really hungry
  14. I didn't eat breakfast
  15. How did donuts make it into the category of breakfast food. Quarter of a minute till 9:32 am
  16. I want one
  17. Fatty resist!!!
  18. It's 10:00 and I'm still going strong but this fatty's resistance is breaking down
  19. It's sugary and may potentially be poisoned. Though that theory is as unlikely as it was a half an hour ago.
  20. If they don't kill me they'll just try it with someone else...
  21. I ate that month old chicken once and I was fine...