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Nothing fun here folks
  1. Large oceanic waves that could take me out
  2. Great white sharks that could rip me apart
  3. Being buried alive or trapped in a confined space
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Starting from the bottom of the cup to the top / layer by layer
  1. Medium sized cup
  2. Cut strawberries
  3. Madagascar Vanilla
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I'm always researching through EWG low allergy/non-hazardous products for my body, and then I love experimenting with these products to see if they actually do the job. Yes, toxic free is great, but I also don't want to smell like I live in a tree.
  1. I love Dr. Bronner's soap. I bought a pump so it's easy to use and squirt on my hand, I then wash my whole body with this. Peppermint is my favorite because it gives my body that 'oh so fresh feeling'.
  2. So don't make fun, but Kristin Cavallari actually mentioned this brand in something I read - but my sisters did as well, so then it's ok. Ok ok, I loved Laguna Beach too people, no hate. Anyway, this facial scrub looks like it was extracted from the Dead Sea. I typically have dry skin, but not anymore! Thanks to this 👍🏻.
  3. I love 100% Pure products. Their argan oil moisturizer with SPF comes in beautiful packaging as well - which I think is important. So this is great for both moisturizing and to protect you from the sun.
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I grew up enjoying the divine chocolates of See's, and every birthday and Christmas, I am gifted most of my favorites. Here is a list of my must-haves in order to reach maximum pleasure on my palate.
  1. Butterscotch Square
  2. Scotch Kiss
  3. Scotchmallow
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